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Divine Feminine Spirituality Celebrations, Goddess Retreats and
Wheel of The Year Sabbats 

Wheel of the Year Sabbats 
The Wheel of the Year is marked by eight 
“Sabbats”- High Holy Days of Power. Every 
six week, women gather in Sacred Circle to
 embrace the blessings and teachings of Gaia’s
 cycles.  Earth is the Great Mother Goddess
 “Gaia”, whose power and attributes are many.  Awakening to her presence at these sacred times we are gifted with her healing, strength and wisdom.  Through ritual and ceremony we connect with Mother Earth’s wisdom, are touched by the Divine Feminine Energies, release what no longer serves us, and reclaim our inner voice, our power, and our Goddess within; for we are her and she is us.

                                 6:30pm -10pm          $20 

              To confirm dates and location details contact Rev. April

The Wheel of the Year begins at Samhain

Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) - October 31 –Nov 2. Also known as Hallowe'en or All Hallows Eve. It is the Celtic New Year, when the veil between the worlds of life and death is quite thin. Samhain is a festival of the dead, a time to remember those who have gone before and acknowledge the mystery of death. As all things must for life to rebirth anew. This is the time of the Crone preparing for the darktimes yet to come.

Winter Solstice  – December 20- 23 Is the longest night of the year when in the days to come the sun’s light begins shine longer each day. It is a celebration of the promise of warmer days to come. It is the first of the 13 days of Yule. The time of introspection, stillness and the potential of the unknown.

Imbolc – February 1-2 Imbolc  Also called  Candlemas, celebrates the awakening of the land and the growing power of the Sun. Often, the Goddess is represented as an infant and the celebration and honor of birth and infancy. Fragile yet the promise of much yet to come is her message as she encourages us to be gentle with our new infant self. 

Spring Equinox -  March 21-23 Also known as Oestar, Eostar  At this time on the wheel, day and night are equal. The land begins to bloom slowly as the sun warmth gets stronger.  By Vernal Equinox, the Candlemas infant is now a little playful innocent Spring Maiden. She emerges to support the healing and reverence of our little maiden within.

Beltane – May 1-2  The powers of light and new life now dance and moves through all creation. The Wheel continues to turn  as the little girl of Eostar  moves into her power and femininity  of the virgin maiden. Beltane is the time for fire jumping and maypole dances, symbolizing the mystery of the Sacred Marriage of Goddess and God; the readiness and fertility of the land.

Summer Solstice – June 21-23 At summer solstice is the festival of Midsummer, sometimes called Litha the longest day of the year.. It is a time of plenty and celebration. A time for reflecting on the power and unfoldment in our lives as the Mother is in full bloom.

Lammas- August 1-2 Lammas meaning loaf mass is also called Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-nassa), is the first of 3 harvest festivals. It is the time of the corn and grain harvest, when we reap those things they have sown. This Sabbat is a celebration for the gifts and substance gifted ot us from the Mother and honor our Queen Selves.

Autumn Equinox - September:21-23 As day and night stand hand in hand as equals and the shadows lengthen, it is a time to gather in gratitude for the bounty of our life’s harvest and reflect on all the abundance in our lives. 

The Wheel turns and returns again to Samhain, the festival of the dead, It is not a time of fear, but a time to understand more deeply that life and death are part of a sacred whole.


Goddess Sacred Retreat (GSR)  April and Oct.of each year at Salamander Camp in Santa Cruz Mts.    

     Goddess Spirituality Retreats are time for rejuvenation, remembering and connecting with the Divine Feminine. Come celebrate the possibilities of healing and transformation while being held in the loving energy of women and the Great Goddess Mother Earth. 

Salamander Camp is 10 minutes from Los Gatos
     19315 Bear Creek Rd. Los Gatos Ca. 
      Easy, close; yet still a world away!  
Arrival: Friday 2-6pm  Depart:Sunday 5 pm 

Cost $275-$375 includes: 
meals, lodging and  ceremonies.

$50 deposit required 2 weeks prior to retreat. 

GSR retreats include: Sacred Ceremony, Meditation, Movement, Yoga, Healing Ritual, Hiking, Chanting, Drumming, Labyrinth walk, Sisterhood, Self-care and much more.

 Salamander Camp has hot water showers, complete kitchen (no microwave), wood burning stoves for heat, Futons for sleeping on, composting toilets, electricity, hot tub, lap pool, labyrinth, fairy grotto, hiking trails, etc.

RSVP and additional details contact Rev. April revaprillynn@gmail.com 
408 205 0385

408 205 0385 
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