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Weddings, Handfastings,  Land-Home Clearing and Blessings, other gatherings with Sacredness for important events. I would be honored to be your Officiant/Celebrant and dedicated myself to creating your unique and Sacred Event.

Your wedding day is meant to be a day of sharing love, joy, laughter, and celebration. I will bring the gifts of ease and joy where there is stress. I will counsel and assist you to draw upon your inner guidance and the love that encircles you; to find your center as you move into your Sacred Ceremony of Love.
My spiritual beliefs and practices are based on Metaphysical Spirituality, Celtic and Earth Honoring Traditions; embracing unconditional love and compassion as the foundation of support and creation of your personalized ceremony. My Ceremonial work is eclectic in nature through the blending of Goddess Spirituality, Native American, Celtic, New Age Spirituality, and Christianity. 
One's beliefs about love, spirituality, partnership, support and commitment become the cornerstones for the relationship. Marriage is a sacred vessel for our consciousness to evolve individually and as a couple. When in right-relationship (one that supports the unfolding of our unique life purpose), we expand and become who we are meant to be. As your spiritual guide through the sacred rite of marriage. I will honor your commitment to love and your personal definition of your relationship in a uniquely designed Sacred Ceremony.

Handfasting as an option to a traditional wedding and yet still as Sacred. It is strongly believed by many neo-pagan/earth-wise spirituality practitioners that a Handfasting feels more fitting to their lifestyle and beliefs. As the vows of commitment are exchanged the hands of the betrothed are bound together as an outward expression of their joining together in love.
Handfasting gives the couple the opportunity to determine the length of their commitment. Traditionally, it is a year and a day. This is quite useful for a young couple who are not too young or unsure to honor the love they feel deeply for each other, that they want to make a public demonstration of their love; yet too young to be sure of a forever/lifelong commitment and know which way the Fates may take them in the future.
 Many couples in the gay and poly communities use the wedding alternative of a Handfasting to honor the commitment of love at a time when the sanctity of marriage is not yet a legal option for them.
         Another factor for selecting a Handfasting Ceremony, is for some couples the benefits of a legal marriage are not useful or fitting to their situation, whether it be financial, no plans for children, or etc. By working with the unique ceremonial desires of couples, Each Handfasting is uniquely designed for the couple of honor.

Fee for a individualized Wedding and Handfasting Ceremony is $600- $800

Any event worth bringing community together can be an opportunity for deep honoring, blessing and spiritual connection within a Sacred Ceremony.  Blessed Be!  

  New Home - Land and Home Clearings and Blessings
  Wedding Anniversary
  Betrothal/ Engagement
  Family reunification
  New life direction 
  and more

Sacred Ceremony creation and facilitation fee is a sliding scale of  $300-$800 

  To schedule a Sacred Event contact Rev. April  204 205 0385

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