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Women’s Rite of Passage Ceremonies
Celebrating Rites of Passage is an opportunity to draw upon the strength and support of the community and connect more deeply with one’s power and inner wisdom.
Through music, chanting, dancing, ritual, and storytelling, the space and participants are prepared for the sacred work. Then in sacred ceremony the transition is commemorated. The journey and power that come from the life passage is celebrated within a uniquely designed Ceremony for the woman of honor.                                                   
These ceremonies have also become a bridge for many women to get in touch with their own Divinity/Goddess Within. Women who otherwise might not be exposed to circle work and Divine Feminine Spirituality come to honor their friend and are willing to risk when the focus and honoring  is on someone they care about. I feel honored to open the door to this powerful venue for honoring, healing, and empowering women. Blessed Be!

 Moontime/ Womanhood
Moontime Ceremony is a Rite of Passage celebration that 
honors Women’s Power, Women’s Wisdom and the Sacredness 
of Women’s Bodies and her menstrual blood. Within a Sacred
Circle, women friends and relatives gather together to bless
the-way for the young maiden as she passes through the portal 
into womanhood. To celebrate her moon/menstrual cycle, her 
inner/outer beauty and the empowerment of her Spirit; the womenfolk will present the maiden with loving gifts of wisdom and support. This Ceremony can be preformed for any age woman who wishes to integrate deeper with her moontime. 

The Blessingway is a spiritual baby shower. The birthing mother’s female friends and family are invited to join in sacred ceremony and embrace the opportunity to offer blessings (words of support and encouragement in stories, poems, songs, memories) to the birthing mother for a safe, spontaneous, natural beautiful birth and loving mothering experience. 
The word “Blessingway”  comes from the Navajo people, 
where a woman full of new life is held in honor for bring a
 new life into the tribe.  One way blessing are offered is
 through washing and drying her feet in ceremony. 
So in keeping with this tradition an evening is set aside
 to affirm and empower the birthing mother and all the 
other women as creatrix of their universe because they
 all have new creations to conceive and birth anew through
 many rituals, songs and affirming words.
Each Blessingway take on the uniqueness of the mother
 it is created for components are added or removed based
 on the individual woman’s needs. If fear or burdens are a 
distraction to the birthing mother than a meditation like
 “putting down the burden basket” would be added. 
If the mother is in conflict about her happiness for this pregnancy because of the miscarriage she experienced previously then a healing and acknowledging ritual would be added at the beginning of the ceremony.

        A Sacred Ceremony to mark the transition from mothering and managing her family to stepping into caring for her realm as a guide and resource. Being a Queen is demonstrated by exerting her womanly power in the realm of her own life and in the dominion entrusted to your care. As a Queen she rules regally by applying the wisdom, integrity and influence to safeguard the cycles of life. She learns to regulate the flow of energy and goods to enhance the wellbeing of all creatures within your circle of influence. Our queen aspect responds to our divine calling and fulfills one’s purpose and responsibilities with dedication, practice and delight.    This comes with responsibility as all power does but it also comes with opportunity to influence and love.  So in Sacred Ceremony the sisterhood gathers to honors, encourage, and empower the Queen onto her new path. Blessed Be!

        A Croning Ceremony honors a woman’s entrance into the wise age 56 when the second Saturn returns astrologically. It is also a ritual marking the change of the body’s shedding sacred blood to holding her power within. Women folk gather in Sacred Ceremony to celebrate and honor the power and adventure of this new phase of a woman’s life.

Creation and facilitation of Sacred ceremonies listed above  
fee is a sliding scale of  $400-$800   To schedule a Sacred Event contact 
Rev. April   408 205 0385

Moon Gatherings
           Women gather to invoke and embrace her assistance in our sacred unfoldment and empowerment. We will create the space to follow her spiritual guidance and divine direction. In a circle of love and trust we will sing and howl with exuberance honoring Sister Moon’s powers, wisdom and blessings. These gatherings can be co-ed.

         Waxing Moon     Get clarity on and define new Intentions 
Full Moon           Power time Psychic energy available
Waning Moon      Fruition and Harvest of intentions
New/Dark Moon   Honoring the potential yet to manifest new start

In Sacred Ceremony we tap into the powers and message for each of the 13 moons of the year.     Cost $20        For date, time and location information  contact Rev. April   408 205 0385

Women's Sacred Ceremonies 
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